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>> 171. ian: 171 pin. >> he's got 184, the flag. 147 the front. 171 is to carry the water on the line that he's on. and he has gone to 6-iron.
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>> that's a heck of a line. you are kidding me! ian: that was a great shot. bill: and he's got a lot of friends to enjoy it with him. great seeing this son of the midwest embraced by the fans here. and he delivered an outstanding shot. ian: that might be the shot of the week right there. wise move going to the 6-iron. taking an abbreviated swing. just a three quarter backswing. you could tell by the sound it was crisp and clean. maybe a little unfortunate that it went off the edge of the green. he'll take it, though.
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bill: if there is a playoff, they'll go back to play this hole again, the 18th. if necessary, they'll go over to the par 3 16th. and 17 and 18 again. ian: looking for his third victory in a row here. the crowds came out here today en masse to watch it in hope that he would do it. not taking anything away from young kyle stanley, of course. but this is a great moment. what a way to hang in. a brilliant birdie at 17. just a sensational second shot from the bunker here at the last. he can chip it in for the victory. bill: you listen to people around here talk about this man.
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they say it's not like he's steve stricker. steve stricker. he's one of us. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] ian: good learning experience for brendon de jonge, playing in the final group. bill: kyle stanley is back in the scoring trailer going over his card. and here is the putt that did not fall for him. catches the lip. spins out. you watch his reaction. and again, what's impressive about this young guy is he looks like he belongs here.
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he has been poised and confident and has just not waivered at all in this stretch battle. ian: brendon de jonge in the right-hand bunker here. same bunker we saw kyle stanley in, but a little bit nicer lie. a little flatter. bill: "the cbs evening news" will follow golf on most of our cbs stations, so stay tuned for that. ian: greens have firmed up today, that's for sure.
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bill: steve stricker has been on a pretty good stretch. he has not finished out of the top 20 in a tour event since the end of february. 11th at the masters. tied for 13th at the u.s. open. won at memorial. ian: and a win here, of course, would give him third consecutive season with multiple victories, having already won at jack's tournament, the memorial, just a month ago. bill: the man who was named comeback player of the year not once, but twice. ian: he's chosen the putter here, bill. he likes it. david, it is just a little uphill before it gets down to the surface? and then a little downhill left and then a little downhill left to right from there.
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ian: feel the line. bill: for birdie and the win. ian: looking good. bill: oh, my goodness! ian: for three in a row! bill: steve stricker! ian: what a feeling.
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what a putt for steve stricker. birdie, birdie finish. desperately poor lies in the bunkers at five and 16. bill: he's made some long putts all week, but none more significant than that one. he made a long time before he made the decision and finally hit it, and it was a beauty. ian: david feherty called it, that was the shot of the week right there. followed by the putt of the week. bill: he smiles easily, but he's sort of a modest guy, humble. but there are moments when that just won't do.
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three-time champion. hear in what he considers to be his own backyard in the midwest. ian: well, you have to spare a thought for kyle stanley. he played some fantastic golf. but that's what happens sometimes, one short. bill: and let's go down to david feherty. david? >> thank you, billy. steve, you've had a lot of great cheers, generated a lot of noise around this park, but that has to be the loudest i've ever heard. >> yeah, that was -- i still can't believe i made 3 there. it was a a tough day. it was a struggle all the way around. and just trying to win is hard. and kyle made some birdies there on the back. and i wasn't hitting it close enough and giving myself
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opportunities. but it's been a lot of fun. >> i was with you for the last one at memorial, which was tough enough. this had to be even harder. talk me through that shot from the bunker and making 3 the way you did there. that is the most spectacular up and down i've ever seen. >> well, thank you. believe it or not, i was thinking 3 at one point in time. that's why i went back to the 6-iron. i finally got a good stance in there. i was aiming over here to try and make a 4. but i really thought i could pull that shot off. and to make that putt is a bonus, obviously. but what a day. >> congratulations. win number 11. three in a row here at the john deere. >> thanks, david. thanks, buddy. bill: steve stricker a little emotional after the victory. it's time now for our metlife shot of the day. and despite the fact that the bunker shot was brilliant, it has to be this one that won the tournament for a third consecutive time for steve stricker. so a look at our updated fedexcup points standings, and
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steve stricker jumps all the way to number two. 125 points behind nick watney. the lineup tonight here on cbs, "60 minutes," "big brother," "undercover boss," and "csi: miami." so another thrilling finish here in the quad cities. and another championship for this favorite son of the midwest, steve stricker. for our entire cbs sports team, thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us. so long from silvis, illinois.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. we begin tonight with news of a rare sunday night showdown at the white house. as the race to strike a deficit reduction deal heads to the wire, president obama is meeting with congressional leaders with both sides still far apart. we haved latest on the meeting and what the stakes are. and we begin with senior white house correspondent bill plante. >> reporter: with an august 2nd deadline hanging over them, president obama and congressional leaders both talk to the grand bargain, a deal to cut around $4 trillion in spending and restructure the tax system. but last night house speaker john boehner called it quits saying simply he didn't have the votes to pass something that sweeping in the house. i believe the best approach may be to focus on producing a smaller measure wrote the speaker in a late saturday statement. the white house responded by repeating the president's insistence that a balanced
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approach must include revenue from ending tax breaks for special interests. and today treasury secretary tim geithner was positive a deal will get done. >> and the leadership in the congress understand that. the speaker understands that. the republicans and democrats understand that. it has to be a deal. the question is how good a deal. >> reporter: the republican senator mitch mcconnell blamed the breakdown on the white house insistence on new tax revenue. >> it would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that is extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. we think it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> reporter: democratic congressman said republicans were at fault for refusing to budge on new revenue. >> at the end of the day what we are seeing is the priority of our republican colleagues is not to get a deficit reduction deal, it is to protect special interest tax break for big corporations. >> as the leaders come back to the white house for a second face-to-face meeting tonight, the only thing certain is that time is running out. >> i do believe that this
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week and certainly by the end of next week, we have to have agreement on the outlines of a package. it has to be clear that the leadership has found a way to solve this, and they have a path to get votes for something. >> reporter: at tonight's meeting sources tell us the president is continuing to press for his grand bargain, the $4 trillion cut. republicans don't like that because it increases taxes. democrats don't like it because it trims medicare and other social spending. the white house folks had their own spin on it. they say that it means the president is showing leadership. russ? >> mitchell: bill plante at the white house, thank you very much. and as bill mentioned the president and congress are up against an august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling. that deadline applies as well to the treasury department officials who may have to deal with a worst-case scenario. whit johnson is covering that part of the story. >> reporter: planning for the worst case, in which lawmakers fail to raise the debt limit is a scenario treasury secretary timothy geithner won't talk about. >> i can say to you with
6:15 pm
total confidence we have no other option to buy more time for congress, and they don't need more time. >> reporter: but suppose a deal cannot be reached and the government can no longer borrow money? geithner may not say it publicly but reports have surfaced that a small team of treasury officials is working on a contingency -- contingency plan. >> there is a plan. >> i think there has to be. >> reporter: steve mcmillin is the former deputy director of the white house office of management and budget under george w bush. a former insider. he says it there are painful decisions about who gets paid and who doesn't. >> i would say the options treasury has if the debt limit is not raised are all very ugly. >> reporter: consider a recent report from the bipartisan policy center. it says in the month of august the treasury has to make $306 billion in payments but it will take in only $172 billion. under one scenario that's enough to pay interest on the debt, social security, medicare and medicaid, defense contractors and unemployment benefits. but there would be no money
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left for active duty military, federal rorkers and a slew of other programs. never before has raising the debt ceiling been so difficult. congress has done it 102 times since 1917. ten times in the last decade. this time the treasury says there is no room for a last minute deal as negotiations drag on, credit rating agencies have threatened to downgrade america's credit. if they do, that will increase the cost to borrow money adding even more to the federal debt. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> mitchell: the shuttle atlantis docked with the international space station today. 240 miles above the pas civic. nasa officials are watching a piece of space junk that might come close to the shuttle this tuesday. just as the astronauts are scheduled to make a space walk. and the cbs eveningn soldiers a]
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>> mitchell: funeral plans have been announced for bette ford who died friday at the achbling 93. a national tribute service will be held tuesday in palm desert, california. on wednesday her body will be flown to the ger ald r ford museum in grand rapids, michigan, where she will be intered next to her husband on thursday. the united states has canceled or suspended $800 million in military aid to pakistan, about one-third of its annual total. this according to administration officials. relations between the two nations have been strained, especially since that u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden only a short distance, i should say, from pakistan's leading military academy. the might of those trying to survive in the horn of africa is far outstripping the ability of anyone to help. the u.n.'s chief refugee official said today the crisis in somalia alone is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. to give an idea of the scale he was visiting a refugee camp the size of cleveland. tony guidea has more. >> reporter: look into this child's eyes, he knows something you and i will never know how it feels to
6:21 pm
be desperately hungry. there are many children like him in this hospital in mogadishu, mall nourished children, some close to death, all refugees from the drought and violence destroying somalia. >> if you are a hungry person, somebody once told me, it feels as if there is bleach in your belly, it hurts so much. >> reporter: bettina speaks for the world food program, the organization will feed 6 million people in the horn 6 africa this year, but that's not nearly enough. >> we are in the middle of a perfect storm. >> reporter: the horn of africa is choking on the dust of the worst drought in 60 years. combine that with the massacre by islamic militants in southern somalia and rocketing food prices across the region and the u.n. says someplaces are close to famine. >> all of this together has created a huge and urgent humanitarian crisis. >> reporter: thousands are fleeing in search of food and water.
6:22 pm
>> maryann abdullah abandoned somalia with her six children, their cattle died, they had no food. a grueling 7 day trek brought them to this refugee camp in kenya. the u.n. estimates a thousand somalis arrive here every day. >> we have poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable of the vulnerable in the world. >> reporter: like other aid organizations the world food program has suffered cutbacks in government and private contributions. it needs 200 million dollars just to meet this year's needs. >> when people go hungry they've got three options. they can migrate, they can revolt or they can die. >> reporter: in the horn of africa they are doing all three. tony guida, cbs news, new york. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> mitchell: according to a recent industry survey digital distractions account for nearly vi 0% of workplace interuptions -- 60% and cost more than $10,000 in lost productivity per booker per year. at least one boss is shifting her employee's focus. as we hear from medical correspondent dr. john lapook. >> reporter: for architect deborah berke the breaking point was watching two
6:26 pm
employees texting each other instead of talking. >> their backs were maybe six feet apart and they were communicating in this lengthy im text. >> reporter: berke felt all the e-mails, text and web surfing were sabotaging creative thinking. >> the constant interpretations which cuts your time into these little slivers of concentration punctuated by distraction, you make dumb mistakes. >> the book the shallows has explained hows internet has damaged our ability to focus. >> there is definitely an emerging concern in a lot of companies that people simply aren't getting the work done at a very high level of quality because they're being interrupted so much. if i'm reading an article and the phone rings and then oh, an e-mail, i may never get back to what i was doing. >> reporter: berke and her partners decided to restrict e-mail and internet use. the rules you can check kerx mail each morning, at lunch and once again before you
6:27 pm
leave for the day. internet use is only for research. and no multitasking. at first her staff was pessimistic about the experiment. >> i thought it was crazy. >> i find myself unable to observe the most basic rule which is to not check e-mail as the first thing we do in the morning. >> i don't know, i just feel like you need to be connected. >> reporter: we wanted to see what would happen so we returned nine months later. without exception berke employees called the experiment a success. >> i'm not constantly shifting from one task to another. i'm able to put more thought into an individual task. >> reporter: even those initially skeptical had to admit it was working. >> i thought how could we not e-mail. >> reporter: and now. >> and now, i think it's possible. >> i do think if you can temper your kind of compulsive checking of messages and shifting of focus, you can unlock some deeper sources of creativity
6:28 pm
and conceptual thinking. >> reporter: for berke it was all worth it when a young employee recently walked into her office carrying some drawings. >> and said i would have e-mailed you before, but now i'm coming in and we're going to sit together and talk about my design, that that showed, you know, that we had really -- that we're on the way to succeeding. >> reporter: and a lesson that sometimes less is more. dr. john lapook, cbs news, new york. >> mitchell: and that is our abbreviated edition of the "cbs evening news." later on cbs, "60 minutes." thanks for joining us this sunday evening. i'm russ mitchell, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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